Angels Take Minor League Free Agency

Joe Torres with Rancho Cucamonga in 2005
Joe Torres, the Angels’ first-round draft pick in June 2000, took his minor league free agency.

Baseball America lists the below Angels as taking their six-year minor league free agency:

C Corey Myers
OF Jason Aspito
OF Darren Blakely
RHP Richard Fischer
RHP Jeff Heaverlo
RHP Matt Hensley
RHP Alex Serrano
LHP Nathan Bland
LHP Joe Torres

Among the former Angels properties who took their minor league free agency:

2B Trent Durrington (Red Sox)
RHP Brandon Emanuel (Cubs)
LHP Tim Bittner (White Sox)
LHP Andrew Lorraine (White Sox)
RHP Bret Prinz (Rockies)
RHP Steve Green (Tigers)
C Jason Hill (Marlins)
OF Mike Colangelo (Marlins)
RHP Bart Miadich (Marlins)
OF Barry Wesson (Astros)
C Tommy Duenas (Royals)
RHP Esteban Yan (Royals)
C Shawn Wooten (Twins)
3B Edgardo Alfonzo (Mets)
C Brian Esposito (Cardinals)
LHP Matt Perisho (Cardnials)
SS David Matranga (Padres)
OF Luke Allen (Padres)
RHP Stephen Andrade (Padres)
RHP Brian Cooper (Giants)
LHP Dusty Bergman (Giants)
SS Johnny Raburn (Devil Rays)
C Jared Abruzzo (Rangers)
C Jamie Burke (Rangers)
RHP Lou Pote (Rangers)
LHP Brian Anderson (Rangers)

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