Kernels Reveal New Logo

New Cedar Rapids Kernels Logo
The new Cedar Rapids Kernels logo replaces the “classic” 1993 version.

The Cedar Rapids Kernels unveiled today their new logos and jerseys for 2007.

It’s a radical departure from the “classic” cornstalk and baseball on a diamond that
symbolized Kernels baseball since 1993.

For many years, the Kernels uniforms emulated those of the parent club Angels. But now they’ll
have their own unique identity, following a trend common in minor league baseball these days. Minor
league teams want to establish an identity independent of their parent club affiliate, especially
should that affiliation change. The casual fan won’t know (or care) who supplied the players, but
the uniforms remain the same so it’s the same “brand” of entertainment as far as
they’re concerned.

The face on the bat has me wondering whether this means the demise of Mr. Shucks, the longtime
mascot of the Kernels. Mr. Shucks looked pretty much like the classic logo. The bat’s face on
the new logo looks suspiciously like someone has an idea for a new mascot.

I’m an unabashed traditionalist, so personally I preferred the old logo. But I don’t live in
Cedar Rapids so my opinion doesn’t count. If it makes the Kernels more money and helps pay off the
bond debt on the new stadium, then it’s a fair tradeoff.

Click Here to read the Kernels’ press release
and view more of the new logo, as well as the new jerseys and caps.

One comment

  1. Erik

    i’m in CR, a Cardinal fan. let me tell you i found the old logo OOOGLY. it’s a welcome change.

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