BA’s Top 10 Angels Prospects

Baseball America‘s rankings of the Angels Top 10 Prospects are now online. Their Top 10:

  1. Brandon Wood SS
  2. Nick Adenhart RHP
  3. Erick Aybar SS
  4. Young-Il Jung RHP
  5. Stephen Marek RHP
  6. Hank Conger C
  7. Jeff Mathis C
  8. Sean Rodriguez SS/2B
  9. Sean O’Sullivan RHP
  10. Tommy Mendoza RHP

The Top 10 Prospects report was published on November 29. There’s not too much difference, other than a reflection of our respective philosophies. I tend to look more towards who’s likely to have an impact with the Angels in the major leagues in the near future, while BA tends to look at a player’s ceiling, regardless of when that might be or with what team.

For example, I gave consideration to Young-Il Jung and Sean O’Sullivan, but decided not to include them. Jung, a high school Korean pitcher, hasn’t thrown a professional pitch yet in a regular-season game. (He pitched in instructional league.) O’Sullivan had a great first year at Rookie-A Orem but BA reported his velocity still hasn’t returned to its mid-90s high from a couple years ago.

If you have a BA susbcription, click here to read an on-line chat transcript today with BA analyst Alan Matthews, who wrote this year’s report.


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