FutureAngels.com Radio Debuts

A new FutureAngels.com feature premiered today.

FutureAngels.com Radio isn’t really on the radio. It’s a podcast. But what the heck, Major League Baseball calls its webcasts "MLB Radio," so the precedent has been set.

You’ll find the podcast on TSP Radio, which isn’t radio either, but a site that hosts sports podcasters with the hopes of creating their own web-based sports network.

To listen to FutureAngels.com radio, go to podcast.tpsradio.net and click on the FutureAngels.com Radio link in the left column.

The guests on the first show are former Angels broadcaster Mario Impemba, recently acquired Angels reliever Chris Resop, and Rancho Cucamonga Quakes general manager Gerry McKearney. You’ll also hear highlight clips, and once we get into the season I’ll weave in news, analysis and plenty of Angels minor league history.

This article is copyright © 2007 Wordsmith Resources and FutureAngels.com. It may not be used elsewhere without the prior expressed written permission of the author.

One comment

  1. ubbm@earthlink.net

    Listened to the ‘cast Friday and loved it! All Angels fans should be listening. It was great to hear from Mario Impemba (is it just me or does he sound an awful lot like Bob Costas 20 years ago?). I had thought about writing to Daron (sp?) Sutton and him after the ’02 season but didn’t want to seem like I was rubbing it in. Bad break and timing for them.

    All the best to Mr. Smith in this endeavor and let’s hope he can keep it going. Perhaps a direct link in iTunes would help, I think I’m subscribed but it was a somewhat convoluted process through the link provided in this article.

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