McPherson Opts for Surgery’s Mike Scarr reports that Dallas McPherson will undergo surgery on January 23 to remove a disk in his lower back and repair a fractured vertebra. The early estimate is that he’s out at least six months.

Good luck, big guy.

Dallas gave me my most memorable moment in all the years I’ve been covering the Angels minor leagues.

July 15, 2003 … The Arizona Diamondbacks assign Randy Johnson on rehab to Lancaster, which is on the road at Rancho Cucamonga. Dallas McPherson homers in his second at-bat against Johnson, then singles in the third at-bat. In his final at-bat, Johnson nicks Dallas with a brushback pitch. Dallas retaliates by stealing second base.

Johnson rarely gives up home runs to left-handed batters, so McPherson’s achievement was all the more memorable.

If you have a broadband connection and Windows Media Player, click here to watch McPherson’s at-bats against Johnson.

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