This ‘N That

Various notes of interest … or lack thereof …

Just finalized reservations to cover the Salt Lake series at Las Vegas April 13-15. It’ll be the opening homestand for the 51s, who are a Dodgers affiliate.

Still working on the next episode of Radio. It should be on-line this weekend. The episode after that will be sometime after returning from Las Vegas.

I must be the only person who goes to Las Vegas and doesn’t gamble …

Dustin Moseley will fill in for Jered Weaver in the Angels’ starting rotation.

According to this morning’s Salt Lake Tribune, both Brandon Wood and Matt Brown will be on the Triple-A Salt Lake roster. Hmmm … If Wood plays third base, where will Matt Brown play?! Unless the Angels are planning to move Wood back to shortstop?! Or Brown?! Some have suggested Brownie play first base, but if Kendry Morales goes back to Salt Lake first base will belong to Kendry.

If Wood or Brown play shortstop, does that mean Erick Aybar has made the parent club roster?! Or he’s moving to center field?! Guess we’ll have to wait and see … Aybar sprained his left foot yesterday but Mike Scioscia was quoted as saying it wasn’t serious. Reggie Willits took a knee to the head sliding into third but is just a “little woozy.”

The Angels announced that Dustin Moseley will be in the rotation until Jered Weaver returns to the rotation … Various media reports have Weaver and Bartolo Colon making rehab starts in early April for Rancho Cucamonga … or Salt Lake … or a combination thereof. Best to wait and see.

The parent club will play the Dodgers the next three days, with all three games televised on various stations in L.A.


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