FutureAngels.com on the Road in 2007

My travel schedule for 2007 is shaping up.

Because I live in Orange County CA, about 45 miles from Rancho Cucamonga, most of my photo/video work will naturally be with the Quakes. But I’m going to try to visit each affiliate at least once this year, if the web site finances work out.

Here’s the tentative schedule for the first half:

Salt Lake — at Las Vegas April 13-15. I should see Bartolo Colon make a rehab start with the Bees next Sunday.

Cedar Rapids — at Clinton May 12-13; at Cedar Rapids May 14-15. I’ll have to fly into Cedar Rapids, rent a car, and then drive directly to Clinton about 85 miles to the east to make that first date. Should be a fun day, flying out of Orange County at 6:45 AM to make that game. Oy.

Arkansas — at North Little Rock May 25-27. I may make it for the May 24 game too, but need to look at the finances first.

As I’ve said before, FutureAngels.com is a non-profit operation. Nobody pays me to do this — not the minor league affiliates and certainly not the Angels. Other sites that provide you with photos, analysis and interviews charge you for the privilege. I don’t. So to cover travel costs, I sell the photos to anyone who wants reprints, but I also need the help of you folk through a one-time donation or $5.00/month voluntary subscription. For 2007 to date, I’ve received $215 in donations, which certainly helps, but it costs a lot these days to drive somewhere with gas costs being what they are, and you can imagine what it’ll cost to fly to Cedar Rapids and Arkansas. Travel costs are the big killer, and if you’ve followed FutureAngels.com over the years you know I haven’t been to Cedar Rapids or Arkansas since 2003 for that reason. In fact, I’m driving out to Rancho less than I used to with gas now over $3.00/gallon.

I’m not adverse to "tasteful" advertising or sponsorship of the web site either, so if you have a business you’d like to advertise on the site, or you’d like to help sponsor FutureAngels.com, please feel free to e-mail me. Every bit helps.



  1. wilkowsk@gmail.com

    Oops, misread your post. I looked at the schedule and realized the Bees are in Las Vegas this weekend. Anyway, you should try to make it to SLC sometime.


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