On the Road Again

Just cashed in my frequent flyer mileage so I can go to Arkansas.  I’m flying in on June 7 and leaving June 12, so airline willing I’ll see five games — two against Wichita (Royals affiliate) and three against Springfield (Cardinals affiliate).

Will Nick Adenhart still be there, or will he be in Salt Lake?  My guess is it’s 50/50.

I’m taking a risk, because in 2002 when I flew American Airlines to Little Rock they lost my camera lens and it didn’t show up until the last day of the shoot.  This time, because of the limitations with the frequent flyer mileage I have 40 minutes to transfer between flights at O’Hare.  So you’d think with five games, even if I miss the first game I’ll still have four more.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Springfield, given all the past history between the Travs and the Cardinals.

And of course, the new Dickey-Stephens Park.  Hopefully I can film enough footage to do an on-line mini-documentary similar to what I did with Ray Winder Field in 2003.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be in Cedar Rapids May 12-15 to cover the Kernels. Two games at Clinton, then two games at The Vet.

(Oh, my poor bank account …)

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