Troy Percival Contemplating a Comeback?

Fox Sports reports that Troy Percival is contemplating a comeback. Percival officially retired at the beginning of the 2007 season and signed a contract to work 50 minor league games as a roving special assignment pitching instructor, but so far I haven’t heard of him showing up anywhere. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t, I’m just saying I haven’t heard of any appearances.

UPDATE 5/17/2007 7:30 PM PDT — Matt Hurst of the Riverside Press-Enterprise posted this entry on his blog at 3:45 PM today:

Today is the day that Troy Percival, the Angels’ all-time saves leader is supposed to decide whether he’s coming back to pitch in the majors again. I called his agent, Paul Cohen, as I did yesterday when I first got wind of this, and Cohen made it sound like Percival is going to give it a go.

"I spoke with him today," Cohen said. "He was going to go to UCR to throw a ‘pen."

Cohen had not heard how Percival’s bullpen session went at UC Riverside, where he went to school and where he worked this offseason to re-build the clubhouse. The definitive answer will come later tonight, but when I asked Cohen if everything went well in the bullpen, would that be the definitive answer to Percival returning?

"I think, probably," Cohen said. "This would be the second day in a row (throwing). We’re navigating new waters."

Angels general manager Bill Stoneman said he had not spoken with Percival yet, so he would not make a comment.

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    it would be a great deal for troy percival to re-sign with the angels that way they can get back in the playoffs then go back to te world series and win it again and in this case the angels would need to send sheets to one of their minor league clubs!!!

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