What Mickey Hatcher Really Does – Part Two

Back on May 10, I wrote a column documenting how Mickey Hatcher had watched videos all the way back to 2001 to find a flaw in Shea Hillenbrand’s mechanics.

Tuesday’s Orange County Register had another example. Hatcher found a flaw in Casey Kotchman’s footwork in the batter’s box. Casey credited Hatcher for the grand-slam he hit in Monday’s game at Texas.

"Lately (hitting coach) Mickey Hatcher pointed something out that was really beneficial the last couple days," Kotchman said. "It was something in my setup. My feet were getting in the way and I was trying to get my front foot out of the way.

"I would say it was all mechanical. Then getting that straightened out allowed me to be mentally free and easy."

For all the nonsensical blather spewed by people on fan boards who demand that Hatcher be fired, the fact of the matter is that Hatcher could undergo a lobotomy and still know more about hitting than the cranks. Not that this will stop them from claiming they know more than he does, of course.


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