Another Trophy in the Kotchman Showcase

Christal Kotchman is the younger sister of Angels first baseman Casey Kotchman. Photo courtesy Chipola Junior College. reports that Casey Kotchman’s sister Christal was part of the Chipola Junior College team that won the College Softball World Series last Saturday in Plant City, Florida.

If there were no gender gap, Christal would be the target of professional baseball scouts. The running joke is that she got all the speed in the Kotchman family, although Casey leading the Angels with three triples gives him some short-lived bragging rights.

In Episode 8 of Radio, I interviewed patriarch Tom Kotchman about the state of female ballplayers in what’s been up to now an all-male profession. Kotch said that women wouldn’t be drafted into pro baseball because of the reality that physically they can’t compare to the male physique. But there are plenty of women out there whose mechanics are equal to that of men. It’s simply a matter of size.

Still, it would tickle my fancy if Angels scouting director Eddie Bane called Christal’s name with his final pick this year in the 50th round of the June draft.

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