Angels’ Best #1 Pick of All Time

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It’s time for another poll.

In honor of this week’s amateur draft … Who is the Angels’ best #1 pick of all time?

Not all these guys were first-round picks. John Lackey, for example, was chosen in the 2nd round of the June 1999 draft. The Angels lost their 1st round pick as compensation for signing Mo Vaughn. So Lackey was their “#1” pick that year, but not a first-round pick.

The options are to the right.

The results of the last poll … Which pitcher will lead the Angels minor leagues in strikeouts this year?

  • Nick Adenhart 34%
  • Robert Mosebach 30%
  • Tim Schoeninger 9%
  • Nick Green 8%
  • Sean O’Sullivan 8%
  • Joe Saunders 5%
  • Brok Butcher 3%
  • Stephen Marek 2%
  • Doug Brandt 1%

There were 98 votes cast.

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