Roland Hemond Interview

Roland Hemond (right) presents Mike Scioscia’s Arizona Fall League Hall of Fame award in October 2003.

Roland Hemond is one of the most respected and distinguished executives in the history of professional baseball. Perhaps best-known as the long-time general manager of the Chicago White Sox and Baltimore Orioles, Hemond has his own niche in Angels lore as their original farm and scouting director in the inaugural 1961 season.

I recorded an interview last night with Mr. Hemond. Click here to listen. You need Windows Media Player to listen.

I’d been told that, although he’s now in his 80s, Mr. Hemond’s memory is still razor sharp. In our conversation both on the record and off, it was clear he still had vivid memories of details from that first season.

As my research continues into the early history of the Angels minor leagues, Mr. Hemond said he’d be willing to do more interviews.

UPDATE June 5, 2007 7:00 AM PDT — Jack Hiatt called yesterday. Currently the farm director for the San Francisco Giants, he began his career with the Angels in 1961. He was sent to Statesville by Roland Hemond. Among his teammates was Paul Mosley, interviewed by a few weeks ago. We agreed to record an interview when our schedules permit; Jack will be representing the Giants Thursday in the amateur draft, which will be televised on ESPN2.


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