The June Draft

Just a quick note … Any coverage about the June draft will be on the main site at I also recommend for the best coverage.

Today is Day Two, which I like to think of a "Tom Kotchman Day." You’ll see a bunch of guys from Florida drafted who will wind up on the Orem roster in a few days. The lower rounds are mostly for very high-risk players (i.e. those unlikely to sign) and organization players who might have a skill that will help fill out a roster at the lower levels, e.g. a catcher with no bat but who can handle pitchers well. Since Kotch both scouts Florida and manages the Rookie-A Orem team which starts play in two weeks, it’s only natural he’d recommend someone he knows will make his team better — which is probably one reason why he goes to the playoffs every year.

So at day’s end, check Baseball America to see how many guys were drafted out of Florida.


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