With the Travelers – Day Four

Jose Arredondo is not with the Travelers for disciplinary reasons, according to a press report.

"Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts, we got screwed!" — old high school football fan chant

For the second straight game, the Travelers lost a squeaker to the Springfield Cardinals, and again some of the blame can be placed on umpire Mike Jarboe.

In yesterday’s blog, I wrote that a dubious call by Jarboe robbed the Travs of turning a key double play that allowed Springfield to take the lead and eventually the win in Game #2 of Saturday’s twinbill.

Jarboe was behind the plate last night and, in my opinion, made several more questionable calls that cost the Travs the game.

Chris Hunter came in to pitch the 9th, and Jarboe seemed to squeeze the strike zone on him. Hunter was also victimized by a couple fluke hits, including a squibber up the third base line that hit the bag and popped straight up in the air. In any case, it was 4-3 Springfield going into the bottom of the 9th, but the Travs rallied to load the bases with one out.

Sean Rodriguez came to the plate and hit a fly ball to right field. Cody Fuller tagged up at third and made a head-first slide into home, arriving ahead of the throw and slapping his hand on the plate.

Jarboe called him out.

Game over.

As you might suspect, the place went nuts, as did the Travs. Jarboe exchanged angry words with the Travs coaches and players, and walked off the field.

Click Here to watch the play. (Windows Media Player and a high-speed Internet connection required.)

My video showed Fuller was safe, and I was told the in-house video also showed he was safe. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sportswriter Todd Traub told me he was sitting behind home plate, so he saw it up close, and he also thought Fuller was safe.

Jarboe will be umpiring third base tonight, where he’ll be standing close to the Springfield dugout, who I’m sure think of him as their new best friend.

The article didn’t appear on-line, but Sunday’s Gazette had an article by Todd Traub reporting that Travs reliever Jose Arredondo is — well, we’re not quite sure.

Todd reported that Arredondo showed up manager Bobby Magallanes after being removed from Wednesday night’s game, then got into some sort of alteraction in the clubhouse with outfielder Curtis Pride. Arredondo was in civilian clothes at Friday night’s game, then apparently absent from the ballpark since then.

The Angels are infamously tight-lipped when it comes to personnel matters, so Magallanes can’t say what action was taken. Traub wrote that Angels farm director Tony Reagins didn’t return his call. Todd said the rumor around the park is that Arredondo received a seven-game suspension, but there’s no quote from anyone in authority to back that up.

I interviewed Todd before last night’s game. Among other subjects, he discussed the Arredondo incident, and also reporting the Arredondo incident. Click Here to listen to the interview.

I’ll be flying home tomorrow, so look for the final day’s entry after I’m back.


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