Visit an Angels Affiliate

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It’s time for another poll.

Which Angels minor league affiliate would you most like to visit?

I’d suggest you pick one not in your backyard, but then if you’ve never been to that one then feel free to vote for it.

The options are to the right.

The results of the last poll … Who is the Angels’ best #1 pick of all time?

  • John Lackey 21%
  • Chuck Finley 21%
  • Troy Glaus 15%
  • Frank Tanana 13%
  • Darin Erstad 8%
  • Jered Weaver 6%
  • Brandon Wood 5%
  • Casey Kotchman 4%
  • Andy Messersmith 4%
  • Jim Abbott 2%

There were 224 votes cast.

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