Angels Sign Jon Bachanov

The Angels have agreed to terms with first-round draft pick Jon Bachanov. reports that Bachanov addressed the Angels media last night during the second inning of the Angels-Rangers game. He’s described as "a growing 6’4"" and said his brothers are 6’7" and 6’9".

Bachanov is from Orlando. I just searched the Orlando Sentinel web site and found that the Sentinel reported the agreement on Wednesday, citing his high school coach as the source:

Rodney Beatty, University’s baseball coach, said Wednesday that Cougars star pitcher Jon Bachanov has agreed to contract terms and will sign with the Los Angeles Angels on Friday.

Beatty said Bachanov, the No. 58 pick in the draft, will get a signing bonus of "about $553,000" and expects to be assigned to a rookie league team in Orem, Utah.

"He’s excited. He held out for a little bit, but from day one, he wanted to go pro," Beatty said.

I’m a bit surprised by the dollar amount, if it’s accurate.  That would suggest the new draft rules are having the desired effect by bringing down bonus numbers.  Bachanov was selected #58 overall, a supplemental pick between the first and second rounds.  According to the Baseball America 2007 Almanac, the #58 pick one year ago (2B Ryan Adams by Baltimore) got $675,000 to sign.  As we discussed with Kotch in Monday’s interview, Major League Baseball changed the rules this year to eliminate "draft and follow" as well as force all picks to sign by August 15 or go back into next year’s pool.

By the way, I’ve been told by a few Angels scouts that they use as a recruiting tool. One scout recently called it "an unofficial official site" for the Angels minor leagues. It lets a draftee and his parents see what to expect should he sign. One big advantage of the video I shoot at Orem and Tempe is that they can see what it’s like to play at the first rung of the ladder, which is why you’ll see me try to shoot more "intimate" footage. Watch the video of Monday night’s game, and you’ll see the last shot is coming out of the dugout with the players after the game for the on-field celebration. That’s literally what the player will see should he sign.

Next weekend, I’ll be in Tempe with the summer league team, so you’ll see footage of the new minor league complex and that more academic environment.

I’ve received a few e-mails over the years from players’ parents asking my advice about whether their son should sign, what the organization is like, how they develop other players at their son’s position, etc. Where possible, I’ll actually refer them to other parents I know so they can talk parent to parent (and I’m not in the middle!) to get a more honest perspective. It usually works, and the player signs.


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