Angels Featured in Sports Illustrated

The current issue of Sports Illustrated has a lengthy article on the Angels’ success this year. Writer Tom Verducci notes the importance in particular of the farm system’s depth.





    Thanks for posting this SI article.

    I am so impressed with the Angels formula for success, mainly ” building from within “….establishing a solid farm system.

    As you are certainly aware, within 10 years or so, the team’s farm system rating has moved from near major’s worst to the among the elite.

    The Montreal Expo organization produced a great number of solid major league players in the 1990’s……I am sure General Manager Bill Stoneman, brought the Expo philosophy for player development to Anaheim with him.

    In addition, I would be quite sure he had a positive influence with Vlad’s signing to be an Angel, from the Expos in 2004.

    The Angel core is pitching and defence……may not be admired to those that love the long ball…..but for decades in the game of baseball, the team’s present strength is what brings success.

    One more thought, I am pleased management did not react to those fans that would be willing to empty the farm system, to bring in that ” big bat “.

  2. Stephen

    If you have the time, I suggest you go listen to the interviews I recorded with Darrell Miller in 2000 when he became the farm director right after Bill Stoneman became the GM. He talks about how they developed their new approaches to scouting and player development. If memory serves, he cited the Braves and Mets. In any case, certainly there was some carryover from the Expos but I don’t think it was unique to Montreal. The Atlanta Braves analogy is probably closer because Atlanta, like the Angels, had an owner with the financial resources to compete not just on the field but also in chasing amateur talent.

    You can find the interviews in the Audio Gallery. Go to and click on Audio Gallery in the left frame. The interviews are listed alphabetically so Darrell Miller will be in the M’s.

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