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Padres’ top prospect Matt Bush plays shortstop for the Peoria Padres on July 31, 2004 against the Mesa Angels. The Padres have converted him to a pitcher. Will he face the Tempe Angels on Sunday?

Various notes of interest, or lack thereof …

I leave for Tempe later this weekend.  On Thursday July 19 I drive out to Arizona.

The Angels’ Friday morning July 20 game is at Peoria against the Mariners.  Peoria is on the west side of Phoenix, so I’ll spend Thursday night in Peoria rather than driving all the way across town and back.  After the game, I’ll drive the remaining 30 miles to Tempe.

The Saturday and Sunday morning games are at Tempe Diablo.  Saturday is against the A’s rookies.  The Sunday game is against the Padres.  I’m hoping to see Matt Bush pitch.  Bush, the Padres’ first-round pick and the first pick overall in the June 2004 draft, was a shortstop but his bat has been a major disappointment so the Padres recently converted him to the mound.  Baseball America has an article on Bush’s conversion. I’m wondering if Bush is hurt. He pitched June 22, June 26, July 2 and July 5 — but not since. If anyone knows why he hasn’t pitched, please post a reply.

Jon Bachanov, the Angels’ first pick this year, is in camp according to the latest roster update I’ve received from Tempe Diablo. Will he pitch this weekend? Doubtful. But if he does, I’ll get photos and maybe video if circumstances permit.

I received an e-mail a couple weeks ago asking how I get these roster updates. Basically, has functioned for years as an unofficial web site for Tempe Diablo. I post the schedule and roster, and they refer players’ parents to the site for reference. As with everything else I do, there’s no money in it, it’s just part of the service-oriented tradition of

But for those of you new to, your donations help to keep afloat. I pay for these trips out of my own pocket. Expenses are partially defrayed by the sale of the photos to players’ parents, loved ones and collectors, but it’s never enough. So your donations are critical to keep this going.

Speaking of photos … I finally finished processing the Cedar Rapids Kernels photos from mid-May. You can order photos of your favorite players through the Photo Gallery. I still have plenty of photos left to process from Rancho Cucamonga, Salt Lake, and Arkansas, but I just haven’t had the time.

Photos of the 2007 Orem Owlz will soon be on-line. Photos of LHP Chris Armstrong were posted yesterday.

I’m working on the photos shot last week at Orem. Normally I go in chronological order, but because the Orem kids are new to the family, it’s important to get their first photos on-line. Then I’ll post the Tempe photos I’ll shoot this weekend, and after that I’ll go back to processing the other affiliates.

I’m also fighting a bit of a cold, courtesy of my wife who was sick all last week. No time to be sick, though, so I’m willing myself to be healthy by Thursday.

My wife won’t make the drive out, but she’ll fly in Saturday afternoon and then we’ll drive back together on Monday. I want her to see the sunrise in the desert, which is absolutely spectacular.

But the weather forecast for Sunday is 104 degrees with a 30% chance of thunderstorms. Yippee.

Oh well, it’ll be a change from the boring SoCal weather.

Friday’s game against the Mariners promises to be a barn-burner (along with everything else, given the heat). The Angels and Mariners are currently tied for first place in the league at 14-6. The Angels have had a predilection for late-inning heroics.


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