I thought you might like to see what a typical lineup card looks like.

Click on this link and it’ll download a JPEG file of a photo I shot before the July 9 game between the Orem Owlz and the Casper Rockies. The file is huge — 2.8 MB — but that’s because I wanted you to have the opportunity to examine the detail up close. If you right-click on the link and select "Save Target As …" (or "Save Link As …" if you have Firefox) then you can copy the file to your computer where it’ll be easier to view and resize.

Note in particular the detail that Owlz manager Tom Kotchman gave to the Casper lineup. Below the lineup card is a printout of the Casper stat sheet. He color-codes cross-references between the stats and notes on the lineup card. On the card, Kotch wrote each batter’s average, hits, at-bats, strikeouts and walks.

Also note on the stat sheet that he highlights players with a lot of stolen bases and a lot of errors. The latter is part of the Angels’ philosophy to pressure the opposition. If the 3B has made many errors, why not drop a bunt on him and see what happens?

Separate from these are individual spray charts that Kotchman tapes onto the dugout wall above the bench. There’s one chart for each opposition batter. Kotchman keeps binders on every opposition hitter they face, and keeps them from year to year. Who knows, maybe that detail has been passed up the line when the parent club has faced that particular player.

Anyway, just another little insight into how Kotch runs his team.


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