Web Site Woes

FutureAngels.com is still suffering from technical problems. My hosting service, Network Solutions, won’t tell me what’s wrong and won’t give me an ETA. All they’ll tell me is that they acknowledge there’s a problem and their engineers are working on it.

Adding insult to injury is their customer service representative trying to sell me additional products while refusing to elevate my service call so the problem gets fixed. Particularly cheeky was asking whether I wanted to renew their hosting services for another year.

As of this writing, the problem has been occurring for about 36 hours and counting.

Occasionally it’ll let me in to update the home page, and occasionally the site itself comes up, but then it goes down again or displays bizarre behavior. Today, the site was prompting visitors for an account and password.

Anyway, if you found your way here, I wanted to assure you that I’m leaning on them to solve the problem.


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