This ‘N That

Most of the minor league teams are still in the playoff hunt.

Salt Lake has won the first three games of their crucial five-game series at Colorado Springs, opening up a 5 ½ game lead in the PCL Pacific Northern Division with ten games left to play. They have games tonight and tomorrow against the SkySox.

Arkansas is ½ game behind Springfield, which also won the Texas League North Division. If the Travs can’t take the second-half title, then they have to finish with a better record than Tulsa, and they currently trail the Drillers by 1 ½ in the overall standings. Arkansas has ten games left — three at home against Springfield, then four on the road at Tulsa, and finally three at Springfield. The Travs’ destiny is in their own hands.

Rancho Cucamonga is on fumes. They trail Lancaster by eight games in the California League South Division with nine games to play. They need to catch Inland Empire in the overall standings to get a wild card slot, but they trail the 66ers by five games.

Cedar Rapids has won nine straight games to put themselves in a strong position for the post-season. They’re currently in second place in the Midwest League Western Division, 3 ½ games behind Quad Cities. The Kernels play the Swing in Davenport the next three nights, then have seven games left on the schedule. Four teams in the division qualify for the playoffs, including the two halves’ division winners and then the two with the next best records, so the Kernels are looking pretty good.

Orem is one game behind Idaho Falls, who won the first half, with 14 games to play. If the Chukars win the second half too, then the team with the next best record goes to the playoffs to face Idaho Falls. They have three games on the road at Idaho Falls next week, then three at home later in the schedule. The Tom Kotchman mojo has been a little late in arriving, but the Owlz have won five of their last six and eight of their last eleven. because their season runs later than the Arizona League, Orem usually gets a couple players from Tempe in early September so we’ll see who moves up to help.

Tempe has faded, losing four straight. They’re currently 2 ½ games out with five games to play. It doesn’t look good.

The photos for this year’s three lowest levels — Cedar Rapids, Orem and Tempe — are all done. They’re in the Digital Photo Gallery and available for purchase.

I’m going to start work on the remaining photos, but it may take a while. I also want to start posting video highlights. If you’ve been reading the Bulletin Board, there’s been a lot of chat lately about Nick Green. I filmed Green when I was in Arkansas last May, so I’ll post that and also footage of Nick Adenhart.

I’ve been suffering from some tendonitis in my right arm, though, so it’s a bit painful to do computer work. But I’ll keep plugging away.

My wife and I have long-range plans to move to the Space Coast in Florida, so we’ll be in Cape Canaveral and thereabouts September 7-10 to look at properties. (Hurricanes willing …) Compared to Southern California, the price of homes in the Space Coast is insanely low. Among the properties we’ll be looking at is a 3,600 square foot luxury penthouse atop a condo tower in Merritt Island. The price just dropped from $625,000 to $550,000. We’re also looking at homes in a golfing community (no, we don’t golf) called the Savannahs that’s next to the southern boundary of Kennedy Space Center. The homes are in the low $400,000s and typically around 2,500 to 3,000 square feet. What NASA doesn’t use is permanently protected as wildlife refuge, so we don’t have to worry about rampant development as we do here in Orange County CA.

The game plan is to buy now while housing prices are so low, rent it out for five years, then when we’re eligible for our pensions take the money and run to the Space Coast.

Will will still be around?  Your guess is as good as mine. If it is, I don’t see why it can’t continue some coverage. The Angels have no affiliates in Florida. The nearest minor league team is about ten miles down the road, the Brevard County Manatees, currently a Milwaukee Brewers affiliate. The Manatees are in the Florida State League, the same level as the California League.

So who knows, maybe I can volunteer my photography services and start …


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