Ervin Santana vs. His Critics – Between Rounds

The local media outlets report this morning that Ervin Santana will get another start tomorrow evening at Anaheim against Oakland.

The best reporting was by Curtis Zupke of the Orange County Register, who detailed the mechanical flaw in Santana’s delivery discovered by pitching coach Mike Butcher:

The continuing saga of the Angels’ young, enigmatic right-hander has had so many ups and downs this season it’s enough to make Angels fans twist and turn in their sleep.

But Santana has corrected his mechanics in his hip turn, and the Angels are giving him another turn in the rotation.

In a somewhat surprising move, Manager Mike Scioscia designated Santana as his Monday starter against Oakland. It was speculated Scioscia would give the ball to Dustin Moseley, but the manager said he has confidence in Santana after pitching coach Mike Butcher worked with Santana on mechanics, namely getting his hip turned to help him load his windup.

Amazing what a reporter can find out when he spends a little more time practicing old-fashioned journalism and a little less time trying to smear a player’s reputation … not to mention insulting his readers …


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