Why Young-il Jung Has Arm Problems

Young-Il Jung was shut down at Orem due to elbow problems.

I received an e-mail last week from Aaron Shinsano, who lives and works in South Korea. He’d found the FutureAngels.com web site after doing a search engine query, and wanted to share an article he’d found mentioning Young-il Jung that appeared in the August 13 edition of the Korea Times.

The article is about how Korean high schools abuse their young pitchers. It begins by telling about a high school pitcher named Jang Woo-ram who was forced to pitch 18 innings over two days, including 12 innings on the first day, in a high school championship tournament.

Here’s what the article had to say about Young-Il:

Unlike the U.S., 200 pitches are not rare in Korean high school games where the final score is the most important result.

In April, 2006, right-handed Chung Young-il of Jinheung High School, who joined the Los Angeles Angels of the U.S. Major Leagues last year, lasted 13 2/3 innings, throwing 242 pitches and Ansan Technical High School southpaw Kim Kwang-hyun also threw 226 over 15 innings.

So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Young-il has come up lame with a sore elbow.

Last July, I arrived in Orem right after Jung had been shipped back to Tempe on rehab. In an interview I recorded with Owlz manager Tom Kotchman, he said that Young-il might face surgery, although that hasn’t come to pass.

In the latest issue of Baseball America, correspondent Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Angels farm director Tony Reagins told him Young-il had suffered a strained right forearm but would be ready for fall instructional league.

I’ll be at "fall ball" sometime so hopefully I’ll get to videotape for you Young-il in all his glory. I taped him last March in spring training but his performance was so bad I decided not to use it.

As for Aaron, he wrote that he and a friend in Taiwan are starting a blog mostly about Asian baseball called East Windup Chronicle. You can visit the site at www.eastwindupchronicle.com.

Dontchya just love the Internet …


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