The “Big Bat” Myth – Part 2

On July 31, I posted a blog titled The "Big Bat" Myth in which I took on the strident demands made by certain fans and reporters that the Angels hock the farm system for a "big bat" that was supposedly needed to make the team competitive.

Well, here we are in early September, and the Angels have a healthy 7½ game lead over Seattle as they coast into the post-season and duel with the Red Sox for the best record in baseball.

Riverside Press-Enterprise sports columnist Gregg Patton jumps onboard in a column published today. Patton admits that the Angels were right, and the critics were wrong.

Who knew? Well, I didn’t. I had my fun, like most, dinging Angels general manager Bill Stoneman for failing to plug the obvious hole.

Who really knew? Well, I guess you could say hitting coach Mickey Hatcher, who, oddly enough, said last winter that the Angels already had enough offense, and shouldn’t mess with their pitching staff in pursuit of power.

Reminded of that conversation Tuesday night before the Angels game with Oakland, Hatcher smiled.

"To tell you the truth, I didn’t know it would turn out as good as it has," Hatcher said. "I just liked our style of offense. I thought we had the players who fit that style, and a lot of them stepped up.

"All the talk (last winter) was about giving up pitching, and I didn’t want that. Pitching keeps you in it."

Nice to know one P-E reporter can admit he made a mistake.


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