Casey Kotchman Hospitalized

Casey Kotchman was scratched from Sunday’s game due to a "non-baseball" medical condition. This morning’s Los Angeles Times reveals some details.

The paper says that Casey was suffering from "severe flu-like symptoms" and hospitalized.

The Angels were not sure whether Kotchman’s illness was related to that of pitching coach Mike Butcher, who was so sick as the Angels’ charter pulled back from the gate at Boston’s Logan Airport early Saturday morning that the plane returned to the terminal so Butcher could be taken to a hospital.

"It felt like someone poured a Gatorade bucket over my head — I’ve never sweated so much in my life," said Butcher, who recovered in time to attend Sunday’s game. "It wouldn’t stop. I felt lightheaded. I’m not sure if it was a viral or bacterial infection."

UPDATE October 9, 2007 8:00 PM PDTMike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times reported this morning:

Kotchman, who missed Sunday’s game because of severe flu-like symptoms, was discharged from Anaheim Memorial Hospital early Sunday evening after a 30-hour stay during which he received five bags of intravenous fluids.

Kotchman’s father, Tom, said Casey was vomiting so violently Saturday he passed out briefly. Doctors did blood work and took cultures but were not sure whether Kotchman had a virus or food poisoning.

“He’s feeling better now,” the elder Kotchman said Monday.

DiGiovanna also reported that “Third base prospect Brandon Wood, who has shown excellent power and a propensity for strikeouts, will play winter ball in Mexico so he can learn to hit breaking and off-speed pitches better.”


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