Arkansas Travelers Photos Now On-Line

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally finished processing the photos I shot last June when i visited the Arkansas Travelers. Click Here to visit the Digital Photo Gallery. Look up your favorite players by last name.

When you go to the above link, also take a look at some of the categories under MISCELLANEOUS. Arkansas Travelers photos are miscellaneous photos, group shots or stadium photos or other nifty stuff. Baseball Gear photos are my favorite; you’ll find artistic depictions of gear and equipment exactly as I found them, nothing is staged. Also look at the Youth Baseball photos; kids always look interesting at a ball game, but not at other sports. Why, I’ve no idea, but they make interesting photographic subjects.

Next assignment is to process the photos I shot last April of the three-games series between the Salt Lake Bees and the Las Vegas 51s in Nevada. For those of you in SoCal, you’ll see plenty photos not just Angels prospects but also future Dodgers like James Loney, Andy LaRoche and Tony Abreu.

After that, I have plenty Rancho Cucamonga Quakes photos still awaiting processing, and finally the photos I shot last month at fall instructional league.

I have no life.

Anyway, below are a few samples of the Arkansas photos.

Nick Adenhart

Miguel Gonzalez

Nick Green

Bobby Wilson

Greg Porter

Sean Rodriguez

Ryan Leahy keeps the hitting chart

Deep inside Bobby Wilson’s gear bag

Freddy Sandoval signs autographs for Little Leaguers

A rare shot from right-center field

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