Nothing to do with baseball, but …

For we Southern Californians, today is the day we knew would be coming.

After a prolonged drought that saw only 2 1/2 inches of rain last winter, we expected that when the Santa Ana winds kicked up in October we’d start experiencing firestorms.

Right now Malibu is under siege. Wind gusts have been clocked over 100 MPH, the temperature is expected to reach the mid-80s, but the real killer is the extremely low humidity, expected to drop under 10%.

These conditions are expected to last for another couple days at least, so it’s quite possible we’ll see more firestorms break out throughout the Southland before the week is over.

CNN is offering some coverage, but other options you can follow over the Internet:

KFWB Radio 980 AM — The 24-hour all-news radio station. KFWB streams live through their site.

KTLA Channel 5 — The local CW affiliate which seems to be the only local station streaming live video.

KCBS Channel 2 — The local CBS affiliate.

KNBC Channel 4 — The local NBC affiliate.

KABC Channel 7 — The local ABC affiliate.

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