Angels 2007 Draft in Review

Baseball America has posted its American League Draft Report Cards, including the Angels. You need to have a BA account to read it, so I’ll give you the highlights.

Best Pro Debut: Mike Anton, with mention of Mason Tobin and Jay Brossman.

Best Athlete: The unsigned Pat White, also mention the signed Jon Plefka.

Best Pure Hitter: Jay Brossman, with mention of Justin Bass.

Best Power Hitter: Trevor Pippen.

Fastest Runner: Andrew Romine, DeAndre Miller and Terrell Alliman.

Best Defensive Player: Andrew Romine.

Best Fastball: Jordan Walden, although he was a 2006 draft-and-follow. Among the 2007 class, Jon Bachanov although he hasn’t pitched due to a sore elbow.

Best Secondary Pitch: Cites Mike Anton’s changeup and Trevor Reckling’s curve ball.

Most Intriguing Background: Mike Anton, and the unsigned Matt Scioscia.

Closest to the Majors: Mason Tobin.

The One Who Got Away: Matt Harvey, with mention of Tanner Robles and Martin Viramontes.

Assessment: “The Angels were disappointed by the players they failed to sign, and Bachanov’s injury add to the disappointing early returns. However, Walden has a first-round arm, and second-day selections such as Anton, Reckling and Tobin have promise.”

You can find in the Audio Gallery interviews I recorded this year with Anton, Bachanov, Reckling and Walden.

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