Braves Claim Chris Resop on Waivers reports that the Atlanta Braves have claimed Angels reliever Chris Resop on waivers.

This is the time of year when disabled lists go away, so organizations have to either put an injured player on the 40-man roster, release him, or try to pass him through waivers so he can go on the Triple-A roster. That’s how the Angels lost Resop — trying to move him through waivers to the Salt Lake roster.

This is a natural part of the game. These rules were drawn up long ago to ensure that one organization doesn’t bury a player forever. For example, to make room for Resop on their 40-man roster, the Braves designated for assignment Chad Paronto. He might get claimed by another organization too.

This process is how the Angels over the years lost players like Bobby Jenks, Derrick Turnbow and Joel Peralta. A front office has to weigh the risk of protecting one player forever versus protecting one of the minor leaguers who must also be protected. The rules require that a minor leaguer go on the 40-man roster after three full seasons (four if he was signed out of high school or a foreign sign), or else he must be exposed to the Rule 5 Draft in December.

Some people gripe endlessly on the Angels boards about losing Jenks and Turnbow, but let’s not forget that both had crippled arms requiring screws to put them back together, and neither had particularly impressive careers at the point they were waived. Jenks also had many disciplinary problems and didn’t give a darn about his physical condition. Going to another organization seemed to wake him up to the reality that he could lose his career if he wasn’t more responsible. Would that have happened if the Angels protected him forever, sending the message that his behavior was okay? Probably not.

Despite what some people falsely claim on fan boards, being waived does NOT mean a player has been released. If he passes through waivers, he goes on the Triple-A roster. If a team does lose a player to waivers, they receive cash in compensation, something like $30,000 give or take a few thousand.

Resop was acquired last winter from Florida for Kevin Gregg. His fastball was in the mid-to-high 90s but his mechanics were messed up, as he was converted a few years ago from the outfield. After making a significant improvement in Salt Lake, Chris was called up to Anaheim mid-season, only to be shelved due to a sore elbow. He had surgery to remove bone chips and was expected to report next spring ready to go.

Hopefully Chris has a long and productive career. Too bad it won’t be with us, but that’s part of the baseball circle of life.


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