The Angels Lawsuit You Never Heard About

This was first posted on the Angels board.  The arbitration ruling was back in May 2007.

Los Angeles Angels Lose Fight for Domain Name

The Los Angeles Angels Major League Baseball team has lost its fight for The organization filed for a UDRP in February claiming rights to the trademark “Angels” and that the current registrant was using it in bad faith. The Angels filed for arbitration after the owner of the domain, Lee Dongyeon of South Korea, offered to sell it for $300,000 to an unidentified agent. Dongyeon purchased the domain for roughly $25,000 in 2005.

Click Here to read the arbitration forum’s decision.

Click through to and you see in big letters, " is not for sale" with a photo of a girl wearing angel wings, along with a screen capture of a news story about the arbitration ruling.

After ownership’s bullying tactics with the City of Anaheim, it’s nice to see that karma decided to hand them a loss.


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