Angels on Curt Schilling’s Shopping List

From Curt Schilling’s blog,

The list of teams that our family has talked over, that we think would be a fit for next year, should we not come back, are pretty much teams in cities we agree would be ok for our last year, and teams I think have a legitimate shot at being in the post season and/or World Series. Teams we didn’t include aren’t for any one reason. There are a million little things that go into this from stadiums to school districts to travel to spring training to etc. etc. etc. but the list represents the teams after Boston that have some of the off the field things that are big to us, plus the potential to go into October next year.

Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, New York Mets, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A., S.D., Arizona, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis, Milwaukee

In my October 9 blog, I wrote, "We need the equivalent of a Curt Schilling, a veteran who can stabilize a young rotation."

Well, the man is available.

Of course, it depends on his contractual demands. The man turns 41 in November, his velocity is down, and he’s good for about six innings. But he does have that rare "it" that puts teams in the World Series — Philadelphia in 1993, Arizona in 2001, Boston in 2004 and 2007.

I think Schilling’s best value might be to bring some emotional stability and leadership to the pitching staff. Not only would he be a positive influence on John Lackey, but his "colorful" side would probably appeal to Jered Weaver. Bring back Troy Percival — who also just declared free agency — to the bullpen and the Angels add a toughness to their pitching staff that might have been missing in 2007.

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