Angels Six-Year Minor League Free Agents

Baseball America published on-line the list of six-year minor league free agents. These are players who’ve participated in six full-season years of minor league baseball. The Angels’ players are below. The Angels may re-sign them if the agreement is mutual.

Los Angeles Angels (20)
Righthanders: Henry Bonilla, Robert Coello, Marcus Gwyn, Matt Hensley, Pedro Liriano, Warner Madrigal, Alex McRobbie, Alex Serrano, Steven Shell
Lefthander: Jonathon Rouwenhorst
Catchers: Cody Collet, Corey Myers
First basemen: Michael Collins, Mike Eylward
Second basemen: Adam Morrissey, Steven Smith
Shortstop: Gary Patchett
Outfielders: Tommy Murphy, Greg Porter, Curtis Pride

Be forewarned that the BA list isn’t always accurate. To my knowledge, the Angels had no "Steven Smith" under contract this year. That’s a name I would remember. It might refer to infielder Casey Smith, whose first name is Steven. Robert Coello signed a year ago so no way he has six years; perhaps he was just released.


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