2007 Top 10 Prospects Report

Brandon Wood tops the FutureAngels.com Top 10 Prospects report for the third straight year.

The 2007 FutureAngels.com Top 10 Prospects report is now on-line. Click Here to read the report.

You’ll have to read the article for the full analysis. The ranking from bottom to top:

  • 10. Chris Pettit OF
  • 9. Sean Rodriguez IF-OF
  • 8. Nick Green RHP
  • 7. Bobby Wilson C
  • 6. Terry Evans OF
  • 5. Hank Conger C
  • 4. Sean O’Sullivan RHP
  • 3. Jordan Walden RHP
  • 2. Nick Adenhart RHP
  • 1. Brandon Wood 3B-SS

This article is copyright © 2007 Stephen C. Smith DBA FutureAngels.com. It may not be reprinted elsewhere without the prior expressed written permission of the author. To obtain permission, e-mail Stephen at home@futureangels.com.


  1. swdycus@mchsi.com

    Yay Pettit! The lack of Mark Sweeney makes me a little sad though (as noted earlier in the season, that guy just can’t seem to get any credit). I think I’d replace Bobby Wilson with him.

  2. Stephen

    Pettit made the list after Warner Madrigal was inadvertently let go as a free agent.

    As for Sweeney, I generally tend to give more weight to players higher in the system unless they really have a high ceiling, e.g. Jordan Walden. Sweeney’s numbers were okay but he’s not yet Top 10 material. After he hit .349 in April with only 1 HR, over the next three months he hit only .239 with 13 HR. That suggests to me he got homer-happy instead of just trying to make contract, drive the ball and let the homers come naturally.

    Bobby Wilson will probably be a #2 catcher in the big leagues with the Angels; I’d put him roughly in the Bengie Molina category, some potential to step up into a #1 role if the bat improves enough to play every day and there’s an opening. As noted above, I’ll give more credit to a guy knocking on the door than someone down the block. I’ve seen too many kids with lots of tools not make it for one reason or another, so in recent Top 10s I tend to go more towards the sure thing.

  3. nosibro@aol.com

    Good points Stephen..but you never look at age vs league. Sweeney’s still 19 and playin A ball. Take a look at Bobby Wilsons numbers at A ball..by the way he’s 21 and Sweeney beat him in most categorys. Singles,doubles,triples and homeruns. Bobby did beat him by 8 points in average. By the way in a earlier Kernel’s broadcast Eric Owens the hitting hitting coach was interviewd,he’d been working on his power to the gaps and homerun power…maybe grooming the younger players to fill the void of homerun power that the Angels are missing…

  4. nosibro@aol.com

    While I’m on a roll… you say you give more weight to players higher in the system unless they have a high ceiling. In 2006 you named Conger in your top 10., when SWEENEY BEAT HIM IN ALL MOST EVERY CATEGORY in rookie ball . I love Hank and i do wish him the best but guys do your homework.. he missed half of rookie ball due to an injury, injured twice this year in Cedar Rapids and then again in instructs. If you average Conger and Sweeney’s first two seasons don’t you think Sweeney(thank god, you put Pettit in) deserved one of those years… Granted Sweeney’s defense needs work but so does Conger’s. Sweeney’s learning a new position and both boys will develop.

  5. swdycus@mchsi.com

    In Stephen’s defense on that nosibro, Hank is a better prospect than Sweeney, even if his bat’s a little worse, by sheer virtue of the fact that he plays catcher, a relative offensive void, rather than 3B, where players are expected to be better on offense.

    Still though, it’s also true that Sweeney has been a lot more durable than Conger. With Conger now missing almost half of two consecutive seasons, it’s a bit of a concern.

    I think their next year at Rancho should be a lot of fun to watch. The good hitting prospects always seem to put up big numbers there, and with two of them it could be another Kendrick/Wood type of domination.

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