Chris Resop on His Former Teammates

Chris Resop

The Angels acquired reliever Chris Resop last winter from the Florida Marlins in exchange for Kevin Gregg. Just as Chris reached the major leagues this year with Anaheim, a sore elbow shut him down. He underwent surgery to have chips removed from his elbow. At season’s end, the Angels tried to move him through waivers from the 40-man roster to the Triple-A Salt Lake roster, and he was claimed by the Atlanta Braves.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel reporter Juan C. Rodriguez caught up with Chris and asked him his opinion of his former teammates mentioned as potential targets in a Florida Marlins trade. It’s an interesting read.



    Based on Resop’s comments it sounds like all these guys need to go. OK, so he’s not a scout but his analysis sounded pretty close to the target.

    I wonder if the Marlins might accept Napoli instead of Mathis. Now that I’ve seen him catch for an extended stretch I’ve come to understand all the hoopla about Mathis. This guy is incredible behind the plate and showed, in stretches, the ability to hit a little.

    I’d hate to lose Kendrick or Wood, though, as well as *two* pitchers. I still want to say no to a trade that would drain so much manpower.


    To give up Kendrick or Wood along with other prospects is WAY too high a price for a 30 hr and 120 rbi guy. Kendrick alone is very capable of 20 to 25 hrs and 90 to 100 rbi’s, barring injuries. When you add the production and potential of the other players being mentioned, it can’t possibly be a good exchange for the Angels. All this for a player with a questionable work ethic?

    I think the Dodgers were right to drop out of the bidding at this point.

    I would much rather have Tejada and Kendrick in the lineup than Cabrera and Figgins. And Tejada and Kendrick with Figgins at DH is even better.


    Lyle Spencer over at the Angels MLB site in their mailbag segment, suggests the Angels go for Khalil Greene. Probably a better fit and less expensive than Cabrera.

    I still like to see the Angels use their outfielders and pitchers to get Johan Santana.

    “OK, since you asked, I do have a dream deal: Aybar, Willits, Haynes and either Ervin Santana or Joe Saunders to the Padres for shortstop Khalil Greene and reliever Cla Meredith. (Rivera could be substituted for Willits if the Padres crave some power). I don’t know if they’re willing to part with Greene, who is two years removed from free agency, but I’m convinced this swap would benefit both teams — and all six players.

    Greene, at 28, is one of the game’s most underrated performers. He’s a breathtaking shortstop and a run-producer (97 RBIs, 27 homers in 2007) who has killed the ball on the road (.849 career OPS) and suffered at home (.659 OPS).

    PETCO Park’s vast dimensions are made to order for the wheels and skills of Aybar, Willits and Haynes, and Padres manager Buddy Black — familiar with Santana and Saunders from his days in Anaheim as Mike Scioscia’s pitching coach — would know which buttons to push to bring out the best in them.

    Greene and Kendrick would be superb together, with Chone Figgins at third and Wood in the wings. The deal also would open a roster spot for one David Eckstein, whose return as an all-purpose role player would be a plus in every respect. Meredith’s side-winding, sinkerball style would be a great fit in the bullpen.

    Orlando Cabrera will be a tough act to follow. But Khalil Greene would be a huge hit with Angels fans, just as he was with Padres partisans.”


    I’m still against trading Kendrick in a deal for Cabrera. I agree with the thought of using the prospects for Johan Santana, I think we have the power within.

    Khalil Greene sounds great, but at 22/23 I think you’d get more out of keeping Brandon Wood at shortstop for a lot longer and less money.

    Eck would be cool in a utility roll but I think he’s priced too high for that and proven he’s an everyday player.

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