They’ll Manage

The Angels announced yesterday the 2008 coaching staffs for their minor league teams. Click the team’s name below for their official press release, except for Salt Lake which hasn’t posted its press release yet. I haven’t seen any information about Tempe, other than the Cedar Rapids press release said Ty Boykin would return to Tempe.

I’ve listed below who were the 2007 staffs too, so you can see who moved up and who moved on.

2007 2008 2007 2008 2007 2008
SALT LAKE Brian Harper Bobby Mitchell Jim Eppard Jim Eppard Charles Nagy Erik Bennett
ARKANSAS Bobby Magallanes Bobby Magallanes Keith Johnson Eric Owens Erik Bennett Ken Patterson
RANCHO CUCAMONGA Bobby Mitchell Ever Magallanes Craig Grebeck Francisco Matos Ken Patterson Dan Ricabal
CEDAR RAPIDS Ever Magallanes Keith Johnson Eric Owens Damon Mashore Dan Ricabal Brandon Emanuel
OREM Tom Kotchman Tom Kotchman Francisco Matos Brent Del Chiaro Zeke Zimmerman Zeke Zimmerman
TEMPE Ty Boykin Ty Boykin **** Schofield **** Schofield Brandon Emanuel Trevor Wilson

UPDATE 11:30 AM PST — I just found the Angels official press release on announcing their 2008 coaching staffs, including the Tempe assignments, so I’ve updated the above table accordingly. The rovers remain the same as 2007.


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