The Database Begins

I’ve started a project that will take a while, but I’m inviting everyone to give it a look and share your thoughts.

The idea was spawned by Brandon Wood’s 2005 chase of the Angels’ single-season minor league home run record.  No one knew what was the record until I started researching around early July.  Going through a lot of books and media guides, it appeared that **** Simpson set the record with 42 for San Jose in 1962.  I forwarded the information to the Quakes and the Angels’ media relations; as Brandon neared the record, it began to appear in news stories.  Brandon broke the record on the last day of the season.

Since it was such a general pain in the butt to research, I began thinking about what other records were out there we don’t know about?  Dallas McPherson had chased the record in 2004, but no one knew or even thought about it; he hit 20 at Rancho and 20 at Arkansas for a total of 40.

So I’ve been collecting media guides and any other statistical source I can find with the goal of one day building a database that could be searched by visitors.

The project has begun.

Right now, I’m inputting batting stats from the early 1960s.  Those are rather fragmentary, because detailed stats weren’t published for the minors other than The Sporting News Baseball Guide, and even then those are less than complete.  But it’s enough to test the logic and presentation.

Click Here to go to the test page.

You can click on a column to sort it in ascending order, then click it again to sort in descending order.

Eventually, there will be a records page, you’ll be able to select one player for career minor league stats, and so on.  This is just a test to show people what’s possible.

There’s a link on the test page to post comments and suggestions.

By the way, I spoke with **** Simpson yesterday.  A sibling project is recording interviews with people who played in the Angels’ minor leagues, starting with the inaugural 1961 season.  I’ll record his interview soon, along with Bob Lucas, another 1961 minor leaguer.  You’ll find in the Audio Gallery interviews with Jack Hiatt, Paul Mosley, Dan Ardell and Roland Hemond, who was both the farm and scouting director that year.  Great stories that deserve to see the light of day.


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