The Minor League Game of the Week

Esmerlin Jimenez pitched six shutout innings on July 9, 2007 when the Orem Owlz hosted the Casper Rockies.

July 9, 2007 — The Orem Owlz host the Casper Rockies in a Pioneer League contest.

It’s a decidedly one-sided contest. Let’s be blunt. The Casper team was awful. They lost this three-game series by scores of 11-10, 7-3 and 13-2. Casper committed 13 errors in the series; Orem only one. (You won’t play long if you make a lot of errors in front of Tom Kotchman.) Nine of the Owlz’ runs in the series were unearned.

The Rockies finished the season 22-53 (.293) overall.

Easy pickin’s.

I was there for the series, shooting photography for both teams. The Casper Rockies are owned by Kevin Haughian, who was the General Manager of the Lake Elsinore Storm in the 1990s when they were the Angels’ affiliate in the California League. Before that, he was the Assistant GM for the Palm Springs Angels, the franchise that relocated to Lake Elsinore after the 1993 season. Kevin’s an all-around good guy so I try to help out his team by shooting road shots if I see them in Orem.

Video highlights of the series appeared on this blog after each game. Click Here to watch video highlights of this game. You need Windows Media Player and a broadband Internet connection (cable modem, DSL) to watch.

Orem starter Esmerlin Jimenez pitched six shutout innings, but shortstop Andrew Romine stole the spotlight with a grand-slam for his first professional homer. You’ll see it in the video.

Click Here to listen to the game. You need Windows Media Player.

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