This ‘N That

I’ve been very busy lately with non-baseball stuff. My day job had me in San Diego for three days at a training seminar (within walking distance of Petco Park, but I didn’t walk …). I also dabble in local politics, and as of late I’ve been doing what I can to help cage a certain local politician with corrupt tendencies. But I keep that world separate from here.

So far the injuries thankfully have been minimal in spring training camp.

Chris Bootcheck may miss eight weeks due to a strained oblique muscle. My first reaction was, "Oh cool, I get to see Booty at Rancho," which is a rather selfish attitude but there we are. Like any mortal human being, I have my favorites, and Chris has been a favorite since he made his pro debut with Rancho Cucamonga in 2001.

Ryan Mount injured his left knee sliding into second base during Monday’s game. According to Matt Hurst at the Riverside Press-Enterprise, Mountie sprained his medial collateral ligament (MCL) with an unknown timetable. My chiropractor, who has some background as an athletic trainer, says most MCL injuries aren’t that big a deal and at worst it will affect Ryan’s lateral movement. Mountie was probably going to be the starting 2B for Rancho come April. Until he returns, it should be Wil Ortiz at 2B and P.J. Phillips at SS for the Quakes.

Meanwhile, Mark Whicker at the Orange County Register tells us that "the sky is falling" in Angels camp and proceeds to rattle off his fantasies. But then the Register also happens to be ignoring the corruption of a certain local politician in my town, so what else would we expect from this kitty box liner.

As aforementioned, I’ll be at Angels minor league camp March 16-18. Hopefully the political shenanigans calm down and I can get back to what’s more important, i.e. baseball.


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