The Real Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is generally considered not only as an iconic baseball film, but an iconic Iowa film.

But a new movie may knock Field of Dreams off that second pedestal.

The Final Season is based on the true story of the Norway, Iowa high school baseball team that won the state baseball title in the final year of the school’s existence. The film was shot entirely in Iowa, including the actual school and field in Norway.

Co-starring as a location in the film is Veterans Memorial Stadium, the Cedar Rapids Kernels’ home ballpark. The events of the film occur in 1990-91, when the “Old Vet” still existed. The championship games are played at the “New Vet,” which opened in 2002. Scenes are shot in the Vet’s dugout and clubhouse.

I can’t speak for the people who actually live in Iowa, but as an occasional visitor who’s driven through those small rural Iowa towns, it was extremely authentic for me.

Click Here to visit the movie web site.

Click Here to visit the Norway Baseball web site.

I found the movie with a companion documentary DVD for $20 at Sam’s Club.


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