Lackey, Kendrick at Rancho Cucamonga

John Lackey pitched four innings Sunday.

Howie Kendrick had two singles in three at-bats Sunday.

Video of John Lackey and Howie Kendrick at Rancho Cucamonga yesterday is now online. Click Here to watch the video. You need Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection to watch. The video has a couple extras, including the players in a “flip” game before the contest, not unusual during pre-game warmups especially among the bullpen pitchers.

Lackey pitched four innings and threw about 70 pitches. Although his overall line looked good, he often fell behind in pitch counts. I kinda got the impression he’s chomping at the bit, wanting to get back to the parent club. His main job is to increase his pitch count, not pitch “lights out” so to speak.

Kendrick had two singles in three at-bats. He left after the fifth inning because the Angels wanted him on the team flight to Kansas City.

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