Cedar Rapids Faces “Catastrophic” Flood

The Kernels are on the road, but our thoughts are with our friends in Cedar Rapids as they are about to experience a flood called “historic” and “catastrophic.”

The mandatory evacuation area has been expanded to match the city’s 500-year flood plan. Veterans Memorial Stadium is on a slight hill and just beyond the perimeter of the mandatory evacuation area, so it appears there’s no danger for now, but let’s not forget that some Kernels’ host parents and boosters may face evacuation.

To follow this story, we recommend the Cedar Rapids Gazette and KCRG TV web sites.

UPDATE 2:45 PM — KCRG is now streaming live video coverage. Go to www.kcrg.com and click on the link titled “Click Here to Watch the KCRG-TV9 News” in the red banner.



  1. beesgal

    To all our Future Angels players, friends and families. Thinking of you and hoping for your safety! . . .BeesGal, Salt Lake City, UT

  2. angiemcwalden@yahoo.com

    Our thoughts and prayers are with all the folks in the Midwest.
    Keep the faith, their is light at the end of the tunnel!
    Kernals mom, Mansfield, TX

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