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An article on today’s Provo Daily Herald web site reports that third-rounder Ryan Chaffee will be a little late reporting to Orem:

The Owlz will likely get a boost down the road with the addition of a few other arms. Third-round pick Ryan Chaffee is recovering from an injury, and could miss the first half of the season, but if the Owlz do get him, he could be worth planning your night at the ballpark around.

He broke his ankle in April, but when he returned, he pitched a shutout in the Florida Junior College tournament and fanned 18.

Sounds like he’ll be reporting to Orem right around the time I head for Tempe. Figures.

The Owlz open tonight against their rivals, the Ogden Raptors. Ogden expanded its park, Linquist Field, during the off-season. I’ll be in the Salt Lake area June 27-29 to shoot the Owlz games. The June 27 game is at Ogden. The Ogden fans are always a lot of fun, a real rowdy bunch.

A Kernels press release states that the City of Cedar Rapids has given them the green light to proceed with their eight-game homestand starting Thursday. It should be interesting to see what the turnout is like, and the emotional state of the crowd.

Cedar Rapids Gazette beat writer Jeff Johnson noted in his blog the video we shot Sunday with Quakes manager Ever Magallanes and Quakes players wishing well to Cedar Rapids. Click Here to watch the video. Windows Media Player and a broadband (cable modem, DSL) Internet connection required.

I took a lap around the Angels fan sites this afternoon, and haven’t found one that even mentioned the disaster in Cedar Rapids much less encouraged people to donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help. Disappointing.

Based on the raw numbers, it appears that somewhere around 20% of the city’s population is homeless right now. That’s a staggering number, when you consider the population is about 125,000. One of every five residents cannot go home. Think about that in your home town.

Every once in a while, I’ll see some Kernels fan argue the team should seek an affiliation elsewhere because “the Angels don’t care about Cedar Rapids.” Well, this is an opportunity for Angels ownership and Angels fans to show that isn’t true.

If Arte Moreno would step up now and make a public announcement the Angels are starting a disaster relief fund, it would send a message to Cedar Rapids to have hope because help is coming.


  1. beesgal

    Hi Stephen,
    You’re not the only one disappointed at the lack of coverage/interest:
    From Jonathan Mayo at today: I must admit I found it a bit disappointing that there wasn’t at least a moment taken over the course of the All-Star Game celebration here to reflect on what’s befallen some of the Midwest League’s communities. That would have been, of course, simply a gesture. What happens going forward, as the waters recede and the 25,000 people in Cedar Rapids who’ve been homeless since Friday try to reclaim their lives, will be more important.

    Just a reminder to all that since Cedar Rapids will most likely need years of support to rebuild, late is better than never. Every little bit will help our friends in the Midwest get back on their feet. I had noticed the major news outlets only started talking about the flooding a few days ago. That kind of coverage should help to get some attention pointed in the right direction. . .AYT

  2. mwlfan38

    No one here is holding our breath regarding the Angels doing anything for the city. Folks around here say the team doesn’t care because they don’t. If they did, they would have done something or at least said something by now.

    Loyalty is a two-way street and it is time for the Angels to pay it forward.

    Again, not holding my breath…

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