Cedar Rapids Update

Trevor Bell pledged $100 per strikeout today for Cedar Rapids flood relief. Seven strikeouts equalled $700.


Kernels starting pitcher Trevor Bell pledged to donate $100 for each strikeout today to help Cedar Rapids flood victims. Trevor put his wallet where his mouth is, pitching a complete game as the Kernels won 6-2 over Wisconsin. He struck out seven, translating into $700 for flood victims.

Jonathan Mayo of MiLB.com wrote in his blog today about Bell’s donation.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that on June 15 I shot video at Rancho Cucamonga of the Quakes players sending good thoughts to Cedar Rapids. Click Here to watch the video. (Windows Media Player and a broadband Internet connection required.)

Andy Pantini, the Kernels’ Director of Communications, downloaded a copy of the video to run on their video board. Today I heard from Lanny Peterson, who helps run the Kernels’ host parent program. Here’s what Lanny had to say about the video and the crowd reaction:

Thanks so very much for the video that was played at our ballpark for several nights. I can speak for the host families and many others: tears were plentiful to hear those guys talk to us about our situation. And I want to thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. This was a terrific and heartfelt message.

We are getting back to “normal” (but a definition of normal will take some time — some are saying it will be years). With prayers and words of hope from people as you, I’m confident that we will persevere.

For you Quakes players who participated in the video … you hit a home run. Thank you.

You really have to admire our players stepping forward to take the lead in providing both emotional and financial support for Cedar Rapids.

(When will we hear the Angels step up to the plate, wink wink, nudge nudge …)

I’m late in acknowledging BeesGal’s blog entry June 18 on The Sporkball Journals. She’s one of those fans who “gets it” when it comes to minor league ball. BeesGal is a regular at Salt Lake games, but more importantly she understands the importance of supporting these kids as they pursue their dream of a major league career. She was one of the first FutureAngels.com regulars to pitch in and start helping raise money for the good folk of Cedar Rapids.


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