Bees and BeesGal Raise Money for Cedar Rapids

The Salt Lake Deseret News reports that “The Bees will donate 50 cents from each ticket sold to today’s game to aid Iowans affected by the recent floods. Minor league teams located in cities devastated by flooding include the Burlington Bees, Cedar Rapids Kernels, Iowa Cubs and Quad City River Bandits.”

Not to be outdone, BeesGal of The Sporksball Journal sent out this announcement:

The Sporkball Journals pledges $25 for every run scored by the Salt Lake Bees in Sunday’s fundraiser game for the Iowa Flood Relief Fund. For example, should the Bees score 8 runs, the total donation will be $100. 20 runs (like Tuesday) puts $500 into the relief fund.

Furthermore, The Sporkball Journals challenges any and all citizens, orgs and corporations to match this pledge, dollar for dollar. As most of you know, I’m just a one-woman shop based out of my home. If this matching challenge could be announced at the ballpark and on the radio, perhaps my tiny seed money can be the catalyst for a larger wave of financial support from our community as a whole.

Lastly, all of you are aware of how our fellow Minor-League Angels fans, families and friends in the Midwest truly need our help. Nonetheless, it is certainly worth repeating that in Cedar Rapids alone — home of the Angels Single-A Affiliate Cedar Rapids Kernels — damages caused by the floods is estimated at over $1.3 billion dollars, and rising.

Meanwhile, still no indication of any announcement from the Angels that they’ll help Cedar Rapids …


  1. beesgal

    Salt Lake Bees GM Marc Amicone sent me an email thanking me for my pledge. He also said to expect the invoice a few days after the game, in which they hoped to score 100 runs! ; -)

    Game Update: Please note this is an UNOFFICIAL count. The Salt Lake Bees will issue an official press release later this week.

    Ah, well, aside from the typo (8 runs x $25 =$200), the game started out promisingly enough with the Bees scoring 4 runs in the first half of the game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t plate another run after the 5th inning and Sacramento racked up 9 runs to take the win. The Bees had 13 hits and left 8 men on base. Ugh!

    The paid attendance for Sunday’s game was 3,627 hardy fans who braved the 94-deg heat and sun. At 50-cents/ticket, that translates into roughly $1,800 for the flood relief fund. Tony Parks, the Bees on-field promotions announcer, was kind enough to mention The Sporkball Journals pledge challenge to the crowd in the 8th inning. Thanks again to everyone for your support!

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