First to 60

ESPN SportsCenter tonight noted that the Angels are the first team to reach 60 wins, and that in the last four seasons all the teams that were first to 60 went to the World Series. Three of the four won the World Series.

Having completed their sweep of the Red Sox, the Angels are now 9 games ahead of Oakland, 9 1/2 of Texas, and 22 games ahead of Seattle. Many of the “experts” picked Seattle to win the division, and of course the stathead crowd blindly predicted Oakland.

Here we are approaching August, Mariners management has been sacked and stathead hero Billy Beane is dismantling his team, trading off his veterans to replenish a depleted farm system. I said it many times over the years — Moneyball was bupkis — and took a lot of crap from stathead posts on fan boards.

History has vindicated Bill Stoneman and Mike Scioscia. ‘Nuff said.


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