More Photos from Tempe

Back from Tempe, and I’m quite well toasted, thank you for asking.

I’ll work on videos today. Meanwhile, enjoy some photos from yesterday’s twinbill.

If you don’t see a loved one — or if you’re a player, photos of yourself — please be patient. I have a lot more than what you see here. They’ll be on eventually in the Digital Photo Gallery.


Alexi Amarista is listed at 5’6″ 150 lbs. on the roster. He played right field in the first game and second base in the second game.



Nick Farnsworth was the Angels’ 9th round draft pick in June.



Manuel Flores started Game #1 and struck out seven in 5 1/3 innings.



Josh Davies began his career as an Angel, signed out of Australia as an infielder. After he was released, the Padres signed him and converted him into a pitcher. Click Here to watch video I filmed in August 2004 of his first pro homer.



Outfielder Chris Fox might have the nickname “Pigpen” after this game. He ended the day with a .326 batting average.



Tyler Chatwood started Game #2. He was the Angels’ top draft pick in June; his “plus” curve was as advertised. (Video to follow.)



Lefty Kevin Ferguson relieved in the 6th inning of Game #2. This is one of my favorite “trick” shots, through the chain-link backstop. The 400mm lens pretty much washes out the chain link, and in glare like the batter’s helmet it will create a diamond effect. The trick is to get just the right angle to capture pitcher, batter, ball and umpire.



Catcher David Golliner is about to throw the ball after the umpire called a third strike.



Nolan Brannon is listed on the roster as a catcher, but he played third base in Game #2. He’s taking an aggressive lead off second base in this photo.


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