Brandon Wood Rolls On

Brandon Wood continues to show signs he’s just about ready for prime time.

In July, his AVG/OBP/SLG were .355/.439/.738. Seven games into his August, his numbers for this month are .346/.400/.731.

Woody has always had a high strikeout rate, so it’s important to note that his whiffs are down too. In 26 August at-bats, he’s struck out only three times.

With the Angels comfortably in first place, will they call up Wood and let him have a couple weeks at shortstop in August to see if they want him on the post-season roster?

Players need to be on the 25-man roster come September 1 to be eligible. It might be too much to ask, but if Brandon is ready to make the leap to the majors, adding his power bat to a lineup that already has Teixeira, Guerrero, Hunter and Anderson would be a significant offensive upgrade over Maicer Izturis or Erick Aybar.

Defensively, Wood and Howie Kendrick were a keystone combination for Provo, Cedar Rapids and Rancho Cucamonga, so they should handle the transition with no problem.

Spare time for me is quite rare these days, which is why you don’t see many blog posts. It’s going to be that way probably through season’s end. I’ve been able to process very few photos shot this year, and have plenty video to post as well on, so your patience and understanding are appreciated.

My wife and I will be in the Space Coast area of Florida the end of August, so I’ll have even less time for anything other than updating the home page. Hopefully I can find the time to go watch the Brevard County Manatees and/or the Daytona Cubs.

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  1. scareduck

    The short answer would appear to be “no”, since they punched Sean Rodriguez’s ticket when they needed an answer at the big club for a pinch-runner to fill in for Reggie Willits after he got clocked for the second time in about a week. It’s pretty clear the Angels figure Wood will likely take his time figuring out major league pitching (it took him two stints in AAA to get as far as he has) and they’re not interested in rushing him.

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