Meanwhile, in Florida …

Posting while I can, because the Internet access here isn’t all that reliable.

My wife and I are on vacation in the Space Coast region of Florida — Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island. We’ll be there through Friday.

This is the area that was worst hit by Tropical Storm Fay. The storm parked over Brevard County and sat for three days dumping water.

We have a friend here who works at Kennedy Space Center. Her home is about 100 yards from the Atlantic Ocean, protected only by a berm. We always thought the storm surge would nail her house one day, but ironically the berm kept in all the water dumped by the storm, rather than letting it run into the ocean.

We spent the day helping her clean out ruined furniture and stuff, then scrubbing the floors with bleach hoping to kill mold that could render the house uninhabitable.

Many of her neighbors had it worse than her. They’re all lugging piles of debris to the curb. She said a council member drove by and said FEMA would be in contact shortly. Her insurance won’t cover the damage, or so they say.

We had dinner at a historic restaurant known today as La Fiesta, but during the Space Age it was The Moon Hut. It was a burger joint at the bend in A1A where it heads south onto the Cape from the mainland. During the 1960s, it was a popular hangout for the astronauts as they drove home to Cocoa Beach from Canaveral Air Force Station. Although it has new owners, they’ve kept the Moon Hut memorabilia on the wall.

It’s really quite common to walk into most public places here and see autographed 8x10s of astronauts. This is a company town. The company just happens to be NASA.

In the morning, we’re taking a kayak tour of the Indian River islands on the inland side of the cape. Go to, scroll to the bottom and watch the six-minute video. It’s exactly as depicted, manatees and dolphins and all sorts of critters.

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