Fall Ball, Part 2

Here are some more photos from instructional league … Video highlights will be posted in the next day or two, including Jered Weaver’s three innings yesterday.


The aforementioned Mr. Weaver. He pitched three innings. He didn’t start the game but relieved Manaurys Correa to start the third. Since the Angels haven’t announced yet their rotation for the upcoming division series against Boston, read into that what you will.


Shortstop Andrew Romine on the back-end of a spectacular double play. With a runner on first, the Cubs’ batter hit a shot up the middle. Angels second baseman P.J. Phillips dove to his right to glove the ball, and lying on his stomach flipped the ball over his head to Romine at the bag. Romine then turned and leapt to throw on to first and complete the double play. That got a standing ovation from their own bench.


For the Canadians who keep e-mailing me to ask for a photo of Terrell Alliman … Enjoy.


And for the John Hellweg fan club who also ask for photos … He pitched the 9th yesterday. The roster lists him at 6’7″. He certainly stands out in a crowd, but he’s not the tallest player on the roster. That honor goes to Jon Plefka at 6’8″.


And here’s Gabe Jacobo, also requested by his clan. Gabe played first base Thursday and Saturday.


Plenty for me to do this weekend, more photos and video as time permits.

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